Product reinstalled after removal from its original installation, except in connection with proper and timely maintenance of components which in cur normal wear and tear, such as the weather-stripping, door bottom gasket (sweep) and corner seals. Labor for removing, installing, or replacing Product or components or labor for other materials that are removed, reinstalled or refinished in conjunction with repairing or replacing the Product or component. 5. CLAIMS PROCEDURE Claims must be initiated during the Warranty Period. To initiate a claim, please contact JAMES DOORS® FIBER GLASS ENTRY DOORS Corp.: Corredor Industrial S/N
Cd. Sahagún, Hgo. Hidalgo México 43990
Toll free 1-866-331-8018
Office; +52 (791) 913 85 09
www.jamesdoors.com Quality representative from PADSA will contact to customer and Initial information (pictures or others) will be required to support the claim. PADSA quality department will analyze the information and evidence to determine the root cause of the nonconformity and define responsibility. If the problem is attributable to PADSA, the company has to give the following support to the customer in agreement with client as apply: Repair the component(s) prior agreement between PADSA and Customer. Provide replacement component(s) prior agreement with the customer and define the conditions for the replacement. Refund the purchase price (the lesser of the original Product/component purchase price or the original catalog list price). PADSA quality department has to send to customer 8D´s (8 Discipline) document to explain root cause, content action and Corrective Actions to assure the problem will be eliminated. Repaired or replaced products are warranted only on the same terms and for the remainder of the Warranty Period. If the problem is not attributable to PADSA, the company has to give the evidence and explanation to the customer why the nonconformance is not responsibility to PADSA. *This warranty applies for USA only.
QUALITY POLICY AND LIMITED WARRANTY TERMS 1. QUALITY POLICY TO SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS SPECTATIONS THROUGH CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT, OBTAINING PROFITABILITY AND REDUCING THE ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT. PADSA is certified in ISO/TS-16949 and all our products are manufactured to meet this international standard. 2. PRODUCT DEFINITION James Doors® products consist of a fiberglass entry door and sidelites, patio, wood grain doors with insulated polyurethane foam core. 3. WHAT THE LIMITED WARRANTY COVERS Subject to the limitations and exclusions below, JAMES DOORS® FIBERGLASS ENTRY DOORS warrants that Products purchased and installed in the USA or Canada: Defects in components and workman ship for a period of 5 years. 4. WHAT THIS LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER This Limited Warranty does not include non-conformities or damages attributable to or arising from: General wear and tear, including without limitation, wear and tear of weather-stripping, corner pads, door bottom gasket (sweep) or the multi-point locking system. Minor scratches or minor visual imperfections outside the Product’s standard manufacturing and quality specification parameters. Exposure to certain environmental conditions including but not limited to salt spray, acid rain, high humidity, or other corrosive elements may adversely affect the coatings on finishes. Negligence; improper use, assembly of the Product (door system) other than by JAMES DOORS® FIBER GLASS ENTRY DOORS, installation, finishing (with stain, paint or varnish, or in any manner), lack of maintenance, including failure to properly maintain finish or operation in consistent. Improper pre-installation storage, including inadequate helter or inadequate venting of shipping wrap in humid locations. Misapplication of Products or faulty building design or construction, including inadequate flashings, caulking, building settlement or structural failures of walls or foundations, or inadequate overhangs. Installation in locations or a manner that exceeds or deviates from Product design standards and/or testing and certified performance specifications, and/or not in compliance with building codes.
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